A Question About Smelly, Oily Pomeranian Dog Skin

November 16, 2006 on 10:34 am | In Pomeranian Articles |

My Pomeranian dog has a very bad, oily smell to her skin. What is the cause and is there any way to get rid of it?

Your Pomeranian may have a seborrheic skin condition. Chronic low-level inflammation of the skin causes increased production of fatty acids. Bacteria grow more easily in this bed of extra fatty acids, and they create that “dog smell” that you are complaining about.

You can treat mild cases using a medicated antiseborrheic shampoo once a week. Moderate to severe cases will probably need to be seen by your veterinarian, who can prescribe steroids and other medications that will help to decrease the inflammation in the skin. When using medicated shampoos, remember to let them sit in contact with the skin for ten minutes.

There are many types of medicated shampoos on the market. It is recommended that you buy one from your veterinary hospital. However, if your doctor prescribes one from the pet store, that is also alright. Just be sure you get the directions for its use from the doctor. Don’t rely on the pet store clerk to give advice on this condition.

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