Pomeranian puppies are very small, fragile and very cute. Their adorable features and endearing personality will instantly make you fall in love with them. However, being enamored with a puppy is something you will want to avoid until you have properly inspected the liter and made sure it is healthy and a credit to the standard. It’s your job to ensure the puppy you take home is healthy and a purebred Pomeranian.

The following are the basic characteristics of the purebred:

The first aspect you will notice about Pomeranian puppies is that they look like little foxes. The reason you will make this association is because the head and nose of the Pomeranian is outlined in a fox shape. However, aside from this distinction, they have a slightly flat skull that is relatively large in comparison to the size of their muzzle. The muzzle has no excess hanging skin and comes to a fine point ending with a black, brown, or coat colored button nose. The muzzle should have perfect small teeth that form a pristine scissor bite.

Poms have sweet, medium sized eyes that look almost oval in shape. Their dark eyes are proportioned to their face, are set evenly apart, and convey an intelligent expression. The eyes are surrounded by rims that are either the same color as the coat or are black. For instance, if the Pomeranian puppies have a white, cream, orange, or shaded sable coat, their eye rims will be black. That being said, the acceptable coat colors for the Pomeranian include the above mentioned as well as: black, dark or light brown, pale blue and beaver. Note: if the Pom has a shaded sable coat it should consist of at lest three evenly shaded colors, and no patches of self-coloring.

Aside from the color of the coat, Pomeranians have two coats – the undercoat and the outer coat. The undercoat is extremely soft and puffy. The outer coat is coarse and long, and covers the dog’s entire body.

Pomeranian puppies have a compact and well rounded body. Their back is short, while their neck evenly flows into the shoulders. Their chest is deep but well proportioned to the body. They have medium length, straight legs that consist of fine bones. Their feet are very cat-like and are small. The characteristics that define their legs and feet is what gives Poms their free and spirited gait.

The last two parts of Pomeranian puppies you should inspect are the two features that give the breed their most distinctive appearance – Ears and tail. The ears of a Pom are small but are perfectly erect. His tail is also set high and carried proud and straight. The tail features a lovely plume, and the ears are well feathered.

Knowing what to look for when choosing from Pomeranian puppies is an important part of becoming a dog owner. That is why it is so important for you to research the dog so you know exactly what you are getting into, and so you can protect yourself from disreputable breeders.