Pomeranian Training can go far beyond basic commands if you want it to. Poms are known for their intelligence and exceptional learning skills. This makes them a breed ideal for the show ring.

The following information will help you use the right Pomeranian training to prepare your Pom to become a show dog:

  • The first aspect of training for a show that you need to understand is that it is a lot of hard work. This is because, unlike teaching your dog basic commands, the lessons that need to be taught are recognized as activity training. Carefully consider if you and your Pom are ready for this challenge.
  • Learn how to properly groom your dog for a show from a professional book, video, or groomer. The best thing is to find a specialized lesson that has been designed specifically for Pomeranian grooming techniques.

Just like Pomeranian training, you should make grooming an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. It helps to get your Pomeranian used to grooming, as this will help him become more accustomed to being handled. If you don’t have a grooming table for your Pomeranian, place a rubber mat or another non-slip piece of material on a table. You can teach your Pom to jump up on the table.

  • Practice stacking or posing your dog as soon as he is comfortable with the grooming table. First have him become accustomed to his legs being moved and having him stay in this position for a few seconds. Eventually begin to increase the time you make him stay on the table. Be sure to give him plenty or praise as he stands poised.

Once your dog has learned to stay poised, you then need to move on to the next step of his Pomeranian training which is inspecting your dog as a judge will. Check his teeth, legs, feet, etc.

  • Enroll your dog in handling classes. If there are none in your area, find a good video substitute that will teach you. It’s in your best interest to find a video specific to your breed.
  • Your Pom will need leash training. This form of Pomeranian training is about putting him on a leash and then allowing him to go wherever he desires. As you walk beside your Pom, call to him. Then change directions by giving the leash a gentle tug. The tug should be firm enough that he turns his head in the new direction you wish to take. When you change directions coax your Pom to come. If he does, shower him with plenty of praise, and give him a nice pet if he walks up beside you, but keep walking. Continue to repeat this maneuver until your Pom understands that a tug on the leash is an order to change directions.

Once your Pom is familiar with changing directions, you will then want to teach him on a loose lead. This is not unlike teaching a dog to heel. The only major differences with this are your dog is taught to stand beside you when you stop, and your dog will walk on both your right and left side. If you must correct your dog, you do so by giving a sharp jerk and release with the leash. Always give heavy praise for correct behavior, and make sure you talk gently to your dog the whole while.

The final part of this Pomeranian training in regards to showing is to slowly increase your speed until your Pom reaches a good trot. Then it’s all simply a matter of practice.

  • Make it a point to attend conformation training classes. These classes have been created to mirror show conditions, which make them an ideal place for show training. The classes will help you learn and fine tune all the skills that are required to effectively show a dog.

Finally, before you enter your Pomeranian in a dog show, you should first attend a few shows, so you can watch and learn. The more you and your dog are prepared for a dog show, the more your Pomeranian training will pay off.